4 in 1 Combo – Charming Quilted Fibre Pillow

Comfy Exclusive

  • Premium texture, Quality fibre material
  • Super Comfortable, Durable, Super Bounce Back
  • 1050 gram, 480 x 740 mm, x4
  • Machine washable, 40 degrees

12,950 15,200

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Premium Texture: Comfy Charming Quilted Fibre Pillow is made from quality fibre material. It is suitable for those who are allergic to feather or down fillings. The pillow sufficiently absorbs moisture and heat and bounces back comfortably when being used.

Super Comfortable: Comfy Charming Quilted Fibre Pillow is designed to provide lasting comfort and does not lead to body ache. It cushions your head and neck with gentle support while asleep. Highly suitable for everyday comfort.

Long-Lasting: Charming Quilted Fibre Pillows last long and designed to give gentle support without emitting dust and particles when being used. They are odour-free and skin friendly at all times.

Size: With a 1050 gram in weight, our Charming Quilted Fibre Pillow has a 480 x 740 mm size suitable for comfortable rest. Comfy charming quilted fibre pillow comes in neatly-packed bag.

Machine Washable: Be rest assured that Comfy Charming Quilted Fibre Pillow can go straight into the washing machine whenever you want to wash it without fading and tears. We advise that you wash at 40 degrees whenever you want to wash.

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Weight 1050 g
Dimensions 480 × 740 mm

Comfy Exclusive



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